Designing Food Experiences and Joyful Communities


I see myself as a curator of everyday food culture - a motivator, a good friend, accompanying people and companies on a journey towards joyful eating and gathering. By purposefully bringing people together, selecting menus, recipes and food products, I present everyday food culture as an experience to foster entertainment, meaningful events and conversations.



“ One who has the care and superintendence of something; especially: one in charge of culinary culture. Will also arrange culinary gatherings and events and in order to inform, educate and inspire the public.”


Celebrating Everyday Food Culture

The idea of starting this business and sharing my knowledge came up when I realized that people around me didn’t learn to enjoy food the same way I do. It seems that food is often treated as a burden of everyday life, forgetting the joy and energy we get from it. For me eating is one of life's greatest pleasures. It doesn’t only nourish our bodies but also connects us with people and cultures, it helps us to celebrate and cheers us up when we’re down. Unfortunately - in the middle of self-optimization and fast-paced working environments - we have forgotten to take pleasure in all those positive things food has to offer.

My mission is to help people and companies celebrate simple culinary pleasures. Through creative event concepts and coaching I aim to bring people together, to stimulate communication and foster ideas.


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About Sarah Golbaz


I can’t recall a specific moment when I understood that food was to become my greatest passion in life. It seemed to have come over me naturally. My multi-cultural family background, as half Iranian, half French born in Germany, played an important role in what I learned about food culture. Both Iranian and the French culture, teached me to enjoy food, the art of gathering and the importance of taking time for good food in daily life.

In my family we didn’t eat because we had to but to savor the food and celebrate those precious everyday moments. We enjoyed gathering friends and family around the dining table always with too much food.

Fun fact: Friends sometimes affectionately call me “the Nose” (French: le nez) due to my fine sense of smell and skill in coming up with inspiring flavor combinations. When I was a child, on my way home from school, I would try to guess the smells that wafted through the streets at around lunchtime. The closer I got to my family’s house, the more excited I became about what my mother would have lovingly cooked up for the midday meal.

The more I learned about food and the more I consciously remembered of what I had experienced, the deeper became my interest in food. I learnt that it was becoming my biggest source of joy and happiness, I learnt to see, taste and feel it as it was a little everyday celebration, mindful indulgence, interaction with nature in a sustainable matter and a way of communication. And - it never let me go since then.

I spend hours in the kitchen always in search of a new challenge, baking sourdough bread, growing vegetables and fruits on my balcony, fermenting, preserving, pickling, smoking. Going to markets to buy fresh and local ingredients is one of the reasons I wake up in the morning, besides the thought of freshly baked biscuits for breakfast. I go far to find a really good croissant or cinnamon roll in the city and get inspired by simple but high quality products. I started a blog and wrote a cookbook about spices. I travel for food, seeking for inspiration and the moment of 'aha' when learning something new.

After finishing my Master studies in Food Design in 2013 I moved from Brussels to Berlin to discover the developing food scene. I worked as Culinary Strategist developing recipes for an innovative ice cream manufacturer; as Culinary Manager for Marley Spoon, a recipe box business, taking care of menu planning and market research and lately stepping up to Head of Culinary for a ghost restaurant business until I felt I was not satisfied with what I was doing anymore and decided at the end of 2018 to start my own adventure which had been my dream for a long time.