Outdoor Cooking Workshop and Dinner
4:00 PM16:00

Outdoor Cooking Workshop and Dinner

I want to celebrate the beginning of summer with you. I want to escape the ordinary, taking joy in what nature has to offer and finding pleasure in seasonal produce, fresh air, sun and calmness around the sparkling fire. Let’s create an experience around cooking and the outdoors together, harvesting herbs, cooking on the fire and baking bread in the stone oven.

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12:00 PM12:00

Sourdough Pizza Workshop


Did you actually know, that baking is good for you? Baking (bread) is calming, and floods you with feelings of well being. I would also say, that there is a sense of achievement that accompanies a finished loaf and it is a commitment to yourself to live in the moment and enjoy it. That's all you need I would say. I'm happy to invite you to come along to FEAST FEAST's sourdough pizza workshop and lunch.

Learn the secrets of making sourdough while enjoying a delicious pizza handmade by you with your chosen toppings. Take home some sourdough starter and recipes to get you started on making your very own sourdough bread.

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