Easter Sunday Feast

Easter Sunday Feast


This Easter Brunch Feast is the next event of FEAST FEAST and brings you a passionately curated menu full of love, good food and an environment to share a joyful start into the day.

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Homemade Brioche French Toast /

Rhubarb / Rose / Basil Cream Quark

Oatmeal / Buttered Radishes / Egg or Avocado / Miso / Shiso / Sesame

Asparagus Buttered Eggs / Pecorino / Sourdough Bread / Ramp

Hummus Plate / Burnt Carrots / Cured Egg or Avocado / Fennel / Cornichons / Pita Bread

I believe in the power of food as social connector. With the FEAST FEAST events I’m building a community of joyful eaters to delight each other, to inspire and to create meaningful conversations. My approach is a mindful one - focusing on the purpose of the gathering, thoughtfully curating food, drinks and decor with the highest attention to detail.

This menu will use:

/ home baked sourdough bread / levain brioche / homemade vegetable broth fighting food waste / regionally sourced dairy products / organic eggs / Pecorino cheese brought to me by my Italian parents in law / wild herbs from Berlin’s parks /